Black Mask

by Black Mask

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Recorded in April 2012 at Very Tight Recordings


released June 1, 2012

Michael Stello
Travis McKenrick
Brayden Murray
Justin Shirey



all rights reserved


Black Mask Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Serpent
Force fed.
Lies have spoken.
Half dead.
Lies have spoken.

Black lies spoken through serpent's tongue "Force fed, half dead."

Punished and broken.
Nothing left to give.
Begging for conclusion.
Track Name: The Greys
We have all lost our innocence, looking back is a waste of time.
Given nothing as a boy, having nothing as a man.

I let my mind slip away, let my mind slip though these hands.
Clenching onto all that's left
"Lord of Fire, take away my breath"

Creeping death, come closer now.
Leave me to die where I can't be found.
Strangled by grief, choking on fear, a hollow soul to rot in the ground.

Holding my head in my hands, lack of sleep.
Waiting to feel anything.. "I've lost it all."
Track Name: Bottomfeeder
No eyes or ears of your own, how did you make it so far alone?
If you can't fend for yourself, leech until there's no one to help.
You are nothing but a coward.
You are nothing, Bottomfeeder.

You cant see whats in front of your face.
You push down everything you embraced.
Keep attention on what blinds you.
Everything you hate confines you.

Darkness surrounds, i am bound.
Track Name: Death Unfolds
My eyes, they close.
No words are spoke.
My breath has froze.
My death unfolds
It's all clear.
Track Name: Agony
Sporadic thoughts opened the door to a place i can't leave.
A gloomy room, a fucked up life, sealed myself from who I used to be.

i can't overcome the agony.

Theres no ethereal ending.
This bed is my tomb.
I grew up as a dreamer, I'll continue to walk alone.
Track Name: Loner
I've never been sorry for the things that i've said.
12 years of shit.
Put a hole in my head.

I see no love in your eyes, you're a failure disguised

Broken bones from broken homes, became so used to feeling alone.
I'm losing faith, I've lost my brother.
Wrap my hands around the throat of my father.

Father forced to love.
Superficial morals.
No one believes his lies anymore.

Pissed off.
Forever dead.